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Teenagers then and Now
Too Late
Friday, 8 November 2013
Now Playing: Knock

I hear a knock upon my door,
I stand to open, cross the floor.

Why would someone call on me?
I never visit, never leave

the safety of my peaceful walls,
my universe one away from all

the rest where I can sweetly sleep
unfettered, quiet hold my keep.

But someone seems to need a voice
I really have no other choice...

So turn the knob I do, then peek
beyond the door and hear a forlorn figure speak.

"I'm lost, so lost can you help me?
I don't know where I am; can't see!"

I see the tears have streaked the face,
sob-scalded eyes have ruined the grace

that must have been there once before,
but long before she'd reached my door.

"Come in," I say and move aside
then pull the door to open wide.

I have no clue what I can do
perhaps in time we'll find a clue.

"What is your name?" I ask as we
find chairs to sit, knee to knee.

She gives a name that's just like mine,
we laugh and share the same 'voice' chime.

That too is odd to both of us;
we laugh again and then we 'huff'...

The 'huff' as well we both do share
then both reach up to press our hair

behind an ear to better see
the me as her and she as me.....

I shook my head and stood up straight
Perhaps it's me and she's the fake?

Is it dream's reality that's shaking me,
"Wake Up you fool and flee just flee!....

"Your walls not safe, you think they are;
they are not peace but full of bars

that hold you in and tightly bound
without the sun no truth is found.

"Throw back the shades and step outside
Step out and dance and take a ride..!"

Myself is shouting "This is me!....
No one can stop me now, I'm FREE!"

I found the sun, I found the rain,
realized my walls held only pain

that I'd accepted as a truth,
but now the sky my beauty roof!

I hold no door, the ground my floor,
Alone not me, no longer poor.


Posted by hulitoons at 8:44 PM EST
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013
Cries of life
Now Playing: Cries of life
In front of me screaming anger flames,
to the right horrendous pain bleeds;

To the left hideous neglect cries,
under me stands torturous creeds;

Above me flies death and slaughter,
their swords of protests tear at my heart,

while climbing thorn vines wrap me fast
taking delight while they rip me apart.

There is no escape from all of the needs,
no escape from the cries all around.

The unresting symphony knows not time
and its decibels searingly loud.

No one person can cut through clouds
of all life's bitter fruit rain.

The best you can do is press forward through
and fix what you can on your train.   (hulitoons)

Posted by hulitoons at 6:34 PM EST
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Now Playing: Doors

I don't remember the first door

I opened, or why I even did,

but now I pace a new floor,
a room with other kids.

Like me we gather in this room,
this space we all do share,

staring at another door
that leads we don't know where.

When one of us approaches
they take the knob and turn...

they pass right through, close it up,
and never again return.

The rest of us we move around
and talk about the doors,

the first door then the other
mysterious to the core.

We understand the first door
presents another of our kind.

We understand the second door
leaves all the rest behind.

We ask the question, all us do:
One door magic, the other not?

both would seem to hold a truth
that all of us forgot.

If the first door is a miracle
the second must be too....

we don't recall the first one
the second we must walk through.

Maybe there's more beyond our room
on the other side of that....

and if there is.............
no wonder we don't come back!



Posted by hulitoons at 1:13 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 6 November 2013 1:16 PM EST
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013
If I was a 'god'
Now Playing: If I was a 'god'
If a 'god' I was
I'd confess my love

then tell my story,
fade from your glory:
I'm a terrible 'god'.
I own no rod.

I rarely sleep,
but I certainly weep,

from all your questions,
all your suggestions,

that nothing can fix
and no one can miss.

My brain's full of smog,
my memory just fog.

I am tired and weak
please let me sleep....
     I am tired and weak
     please let me sleep.....
I made all you need
and you are my seed.

Reach for the sun,
let rain over you run.

You'll find your way
given time, don't stray.

Answers to share
are everywhere.

Open your eyes,
reach for the sky.

Stretch out you ears
and you will hear

all the songs I wrote,
you'll know every note.

It's your world now
I taught you how.....

but I'm tired now, weak
please let me sleep.....    
     I am tired and weak
     please let me sleep.   (hulitoons)

Posted by hulitoons at 9:59 PM EST
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Now Playing: fences
Fences are designed
for all to climb.

They're senseless walls
that lock and bind.

They hold back the air,
They block out the sun.

They're blockade barriers
that hold back the run

for freedom of sight
and freedom to cry

what can really be seen
beyond the sky.

So no, I hold
no religious cue

I don't like fences
that block the view.

Posted by hulitoons at 1:11 PM EST
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Monday, 28 October 2013
Not My Fault
Now Playing: Not My Fault

I have NO opinion,
I'm sticking to it

Have nothing to say
not going to pick.

Whatever's happening
is not my fault.

Not sticking my nose
into all that salt.

Not lifting a finger
left or right;

It's up to all others
it's NOT my fight.


Oh help I've fallen
I can't get up

I need assistance
I've gotten a cut

Where'd everyone go?
here I lay

Alone all alone
help me I pray?


They have NO opinion,
They're sticking to it.

They've nothing to say
not going to pick.

Whatever's happening
is not their fault.

Not sticking their nose
into all my salt.

Not lifting a finger
left or right.

It's up to me
to get up and fight.

No matter I've fallen
and can't get up

They give no assistance
no matter the cut.


I ran when they screamed
though I knew where they lay

All alone, all alone

when I ran far away.


Posted by hulitoons at 12:42 PM EDT
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Sunday, 6 October 2013
Finding Us
Now Playing: Finding Us
The more we talk
     the faster we walk,

the more we learned
     the more we yearned

to find the one
     then found there's none

that think like us,
     our hearts were crushed.

But then in time
     accept our mind

unique as one
     we learned the sum

of all we are
     is dust of star,

yet none alone
     and none a clone,

our colors are
    a blend of stars

God-sparkle fire
     lifts us higher!             


Posted by hulitoons at 6:42 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Now Playing: Sleep
When sleep eludes me I fight back
with fists I pound my pillows slack

My brain grows weary too much sight
please close my eyes to dreams at night.

Escape I need as all us do
shut the noise of worldly goo.

Let me glide an ocean's deep
and give relief to weary sleep..............!



Posted by hulitoons at 5:55 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 24 September 2013 8:21 PM EDT
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Monday, 24 June 2013
The spider and the fire fly
Now Playing: The Spider and the Fire Fly ... Philosophy
The only philosophy I will trust ever, is not written by men but by what I see in nature, what I've observed over time, what I know as truth inside myself. Anything of an organized philosophy is to me, religious, has borders, fences, defined lines. As long as there are labels and definitions, no philosophy can be trusted, can never be free.

Last night I could not sleep so I came downstairs, had some milk and listened to the quiet. When I went back upstairs I saw a blinking light by the edge of a window. It did not fit with the blinking light of the AC or the steady lights of the cams I have up there to watch FuzzyButt when he moves over his ramps and plays. This one was blinking and blinking so I went to gather a flashlight, came back and saw it was a lightening bug (fire fly) that had somehow come into the house. It was struggling having been lassoed by one of my many spiders who was trying to curl it up in a web shroud.

I love my spiders and will not permit a single soul to kill any they see because spiders do take the insects that run amok, fruit flies, stink bugs, mosquitoes etc. But this time that screaming blinking light begged rescue so I moved the spider away and broke the lasso. I had to work hard and fast to remove the fetters to the fire fly's back feet which took some tedious time. Finally I was able to pick him up and release him to the outside again.

But I continued to be concerned about the loud screaming of his steadily blinking will haunt me. I know my spider will find something else to hunt, catch and eat. And my spider is welcome here. But I also love the fire flies.

THIS is the philosophy I live by. Its borders are only defined by the moment.

Posted by hulitoons at 7:08 PM EDT
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Monday, 10 June 2013
Bee harvest
Now Playing: Bee Harvest
Topic: bees

I watched a bee, furry and cute,
whose speech to me was mostly mute.

All I could see were tiny green leaves
so what was he doing? I couldn't see.

I had to know so I leaned closer still
till all else around me was lost to my will.

The world became smaller and tighter to me
until I focused and could finally see,

Tiny green blossoms almost not there,
but a harvest of 'honey' the bee could share.

Posted by hulitoons at 1:17 PM EDT
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